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  • Thirty years ago, I was a college athlete who thought little about how I abused my body. However, I soon found out that such physical abuse has lasting effects. I began to have trouble with my back, neck, and joints. Daily headaches and persistent back pain were the norm rather than the exception. After scheduling weekly chiropractic visits, I noticed the headaches subsided and the back pain became more manageable almost to the point of being non-existent. Chiropractic care has also helped alleviate foot pain that became common after sitting down and sleeping. Thanks, Dr. Rea and staff, for restoring my quality of life and allowing me to enjoy life more.

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  • When I came to see Dr. Rea, I had what he called lumbar disc degeneration and bone spurring. I was not able to walk without a walking stick. I had pain in my low back and running down my left leg. I did not have any energy, and I was always in pain with my legs and feet having tingling in them. After eleven visits, the pain has gone away. I just have a little tingling in my toes. I have returned to my normal routine of walking about one and a half miles a day, and I do not have to use a walking stick!

    Show More - Thomas D.
  • I have greatly reduced the amount of prescription pain killers that I needed to take—definite decreased pain levels. I have the energy and ability to do the physical activities that I enjoy.

    - Rose E.
  • Chiropractic care has been an answer to prayer for me. After seeing numerous doctors from many years, I had really become discouraged due to not being able to breathe properly. Life was miserable! I had given up on getting help. Then I saw a chiropractor and my whole life changed—what a blessing and a relief! Not only can I breathe now, but my arthritis pain is also so much better.I recommend Dr. Rea to anyone who may need chiropractic care. After seeing doctors from Florida to Alaska, I can truly say Dr. Rea is the best! I thank God for a doctor who has compassion and who really cares for his patients.

    Show More - Janie H.
  • When I first came to Dr. Rea, I could hardly walk. I had severe pain in my back and down my leg. I was 47 years old and had never had chiropractic care. Like many, I abused my body trying to do things I physically should not do. I had to make two visits the first day and again the next one, but Dr. Rea assured me it would get better with regular care. I went from needing a crutch to walking around my house and from crying in pain to being able to move again pain-free. The clinic has taught me how to lift items properly and how to do physical jobs the correct way so I do not harm my body. I highly recommend Dr. Rea and his staff to raise the quality of everyone’s life. They listen, they teach, they share, and they heal. You can always call on them with the assurance you will feel better both physically and emotionally after a visit.

    Show More - Sherri B.
  • What a difference Dr. Rea has made in my life since I started going to his office! I used to have pain in my right arm all the time. It was so hard for me to even sleep at night on that side, but now I can turn any way I want to. When I rode in the car for thirty minutes or more, my right leg would hurt so bad that I would twist and turn in the car trying to stop the pain. I feel so much better after chiropractic care. I plan to continue as a patient on maintenance care because I want to feel 15 again!

    Show More - Francenia E.
  • Working on a computer and talking on the phone all day can cause neck and shoulder pain, but having regular spinal adjustments helps me to be pain free. Since seeing Dr. Rea, my headaches are very few to none at all. It also helps with the range of movement in my neck.

    - Stephanie D.
  • When I started coming to Dr. Rea, I had a lot of pain in my back plus I would have headaches all the time. Since then, I have been coming regularly for adjustments, and my headaches are almost non-existent. My back pain has diminished also. I appreciate the work Dr. Rea is doing.

    - Aron W.